Ciderm(R) Medicated Shampoo

Ciderm(R) Medicated Pet Shampoo is a “New Age” chlorine dioxide shampoo for animals. Ciderm Shampoo with DioxiCare(R), the active chlorine dioxide system, immediately cleans and deodorizes animal hair and exfoliates dead skin. Its soothing emollients relieve irritations and greatly soften the coat. Skin conditioners after each bath are not necessary. The antimicrobial ingredients help rid the skin of offending bacteria, yeast and fungi including mallasezia an ringworm.

The chlorine dioxide oxidation action also removes urine odor and even skunk odor. The product is also an excellent detergent for washing pet accessories such as pads and blankets. A small amount goes a long way. 

Ciderm(R) Medicated Shampoo

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Shampoo used to clean and deodorize the hair coat, attack bacteria and fungus, soothe and relieve irritation and exfoliate dry skin leaving a soft coat.


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