Ciderm(R) SP Topical Antiseptic

Ciderm (R) SP Topical Antiseptic Solution is a topical medication that combines the DioxiCare(R) antiseptic system with glycerin and carbamide in an aqueous base used to treat topical skin infections and wounds. Hot spots, exzcema, rashes, burns, scalds, insect/tick bites and irritated skin areas can also be treated with Ciderm (R) (read more)


Earigant(R) SP Ear Cleanser

EARIGANT(R) SP Otic Antiseptic and Cleanser Solution with DioxiCare(R) is used for the routine cleaning, prevention and management of ear infections (otitis) in dogs and cats. Malodor from the ears of dogs and cats is a major reason people seek veterinary help. (read more)


Pet Cident (R)Toothpaste

Pet Cident(R) Toothpastewith DioxiCare(R) is a non foaming toothpaste developed for dogs and cats for teeth cleaning and preventing bad mouth odor. After brushing of the teeth, the spent paste, does not need to be rinsed and can be safely swallowed. Cident It is provided in a 2 Part dispensing container that delivers both parts onto the tooth brush. When mixed during the brushing process the activated Chlorine dioxide acts  .....   (read more)


Ciderm(R) Shampoo

Ciderm(R) Medicated Pet Shampoo is a “New Age” chlorine dioxide shampoo for animals. Ciderm Shampoo with DioxiCare(R), the Active Chlorine Dioxide System, immediately cleans and deodorizes animal hair and exfoliates dead skin. Its soothing emollients relieve irritations and greatly soften the coat.(read more)       

Ciderm SP Antiseptic Wound Gel

Ciderm(R) Antiseptic Wound Gel has the same concentration of Chlorine Dioxide Complex as the Antiseptic Solution but is in a gel formulation. This allows for direct application of the medication to the wound site or for bandaging. Indications are the same.  Do not mix with other topical medications  (read more)


Ciderm SP MAX Dermal Gel

Ciderm(R) MAX Dermal Gel is a concentrated  formulation  of Chlorine Dioxide complex in a gel form. (4X the concentration of the Wound Gel). It is  used to manage  stubborn fungal infections such a focal ringworm, yeast infection and bacterial skin, paw or hoof lesions, where the skin is unbroken but inflammation persists. It should be used separately when used in conjunction with other topical medications  (read more)