Earigant(R) SP Otic Antiseptic and ear Cleanser

Earigant(R) SP Otic Antiseptic and Cleanser Solution with DioxiCare(R)  chlorine dioxide complex is used for the routine cleaning, prevention and management of ear infections (otitis) in dogs and cats.

 Malodor from the ears of dogs and cats is a major reason people seek veterinary help. Many infections are introduced into the ears when pets scratch at the ears with there paws transmitting soil and fecal bacteria into the ear. Yeast organisms typically supervene in chronic cases that have been treated with antibiotics. Mallasezia (yeast) organisms are the most common Severe infections, otitis or canker are painful, exudative and odorous. Preventing and controlling bacteria and yeast in the ear is effectively accomplished using an ear cleaner that also sterilizes the ear canal. 

Earigant(R) SP was developed to meet this need. The active ingredients breakdown wax and cell debris in the ear allowing for easy removal with a swab or Q tip.


Earigant SP Otic Antiseptic and Cleanser 2 oz (60ml) $18

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Used to clean and manage ear infections in dogs and cats

This product has a use by date of one year and should not be used beyond this date.

Do not use with other medications at the same time. Wait at least 30 minutes before applying other medicants.

For instructions on how to clean and treat your animals ears click the link