Ciderm(R) SP MAX Gel

Ciderm(R) SP MAX Gel is a concentrated  form of chlorine dioxide complex in a gel formulation. The concentration is around 4 times the strength of Ciderm SP solution.  It  used to manage stubborn fungal infections such a focal ringworm, dermal yeast infection,  foot, paw and hoof infections and hot spot Staphylococcal bacterial  skin lesions where the skin is unbroken but inflammation persists.

When used in conjunction with other topical medications such a a steroid or antihistamine cream Ciderm(R) Dermal Gel should be used first, wait 30 minutes, wipe the area and then apply the other medicant. If used at the same time the chlorine dioxide may oxidize the active ingredient and components of the other medication.

Ciderm(R) SP Dermal Gel  (2oz/60ml)


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Used for managing focal skin lesions where the skin is unbroken.

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