Ciderm(R) SP Topical Antiseptic Wound Spray

Ciderm(R) SP Topical Antiseptic Solution is a topical antiseptic medication that combines the DioxiCare(R)  chlorine dioxide complex system with glycerin and carbamide in an aqueous base that is used to treat topical skin infections and wounds. Hot spots, exzcema, rashes, burns, scalds, insect/tick bites and irritated skin areas can also be treated with Ciderm (R) SP solution. The solution can be applied directly to the affected area and after a few minutes wiped away with a gauze pad to clean the area. Re-apply to the cleaned area and leave on until next treatment. Usually once to twice a day is all that is required.

If the affected area does not show some response to treatment after 5 days you should consult with your Veterinarian as the condition is not associated with a topical bacterial, fungal or yeast infection. Open wounds may take up to 2 weeks to heal assuming no sutures are required.

Ciderm(R) SP  is supplied in a 1 oz (30ml)  spray bottle dispenser and a larger 8oz spray bottle. The solution is sprayed directly onto the affected skin area. It may be necessary to clip away any matted hair with scissors to expose the affected skin. (sterilize the scissors after use by cleaning in hot water). Mix the solution with a wet gauze swab to clean the wound. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water both before and after treating any wound or sore on your pet.


Ciderm(R) SP Topical Antiseptic Spray 1 oz (30ml) * 


Used for wound treatment in dogs, cats and other small animals

Ciderm(R) SP Topical Antiseptic Wound Spray 8oz * (240ml) $24.95

(*includes free shipping)

Used for wound treatment in large animals such as horses, farm animals and wild animals

Both  products have  a use by date of one year and should not be used beyond this date.