Cident(R) Pet Toothpaste

Pet Cident(R) Toothpaste: with DioxiCare(R) is a non foaming, fluoride free, toothpaste developed for dogs and cats for teeth cleaning and preventing bad mouth odor. After brushing of the teeth, the spent paste, does not need to be rinsed and can be safely swallowed.

 Cident(R)  is provided in a 2 Part dispensing container that delivers both parts onto the tooth brush. When mixed during the brushing process the activated Chlorine dioxide acts to kill oral bacteria, including the odor forming germs, so it can quickly eliminate bad breath - a common complaint from pet owners. It also helps treat the gingivitis often associated with halitosis (bad breath). Oral bacteria are a major cause of plaque formation the number one dental problem in pets. By reducing bacterial numbers this product will reduce plaque build up when used on a routine basis. An added feature is that routine use also can help whiten the teeth.

Cident(R) Pet Toothpaste does not contain Fluoride which can be harmful to pets.

Cident(R) Pet Toothpaste 6.4 oz (186.5 grams) 


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Used to brush and clean the teeth of  dogs and cats. Each order includes a free finger brush.


For instructions on how to clean your pets teeth click on the link below.